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this is where i'll log things that happens, or just how i feel at the time :]

28th dec 2023 - WOOOO we hit over 100k views tysm!!! btw happy new year
feeling: 100k yayyyy

4th nov 2022 - hellooo from nearly a year in the future! i havent checked this site in so so longggg so cool to see it's now up to 90,040 views!! thats so cool thank u :>
feeling: happy & bored

28th dec 2021 - hey!! it's been a month, quick recap. it's now summer holidays, been getting up to a lot of trouble. got a lyre for christmas which i love so much and have been playing it quite a bit, currently working on my first ever lyre composish!
feeling: amazing cuz i'm not waking up so abruptly everyday

26th nov 2021 - in class rn, lifes back to normal. hope everyone's doing ok! (alzo i started working on a new site im vry excited about ittt
feeling: good!

12th nov 2021 - just got home from school, school is pretty good now, used to be terrible and hated going there but i think if u'v got good friends and your hot and you own it then no matter where u go, it'll b fine < 3
feeling: tired #tgif

4th nov 2021 - hey, was going to check in a few days ago but my rabbit ate the computer charger,, the new charger came in the mail early yesterday though so i can finally go back to my amazing online life !!! got some stories to tell, can't wait to share them soon ❦
feeling: dear, dear diary, i wanna tell my secretz

16th oct 2021 - it's pretty late right now, i just got back from my grandparents house for a bit of a #FamDinner ! i also got a bunny and have been grinding my ass off taking care of it the past week. anyways checked back and saw we reached 30k views, thanks!!!
feeling: overall good

22nd sep 2021 - hey logs,,, a bunch of packages came yay!!! also i wonder what i should add to this site? i wanna try and find some more internet sign up dress ups on internet archive, like the 2007 imvu one but where would they be? if anyone is reading this and had any ideas, let me knowww
feeling: like it's my birthday

21st sep 2021 - nothing much is happening today, but i keep getting up myself about not getting emails back from ******** #ConfidentialIThink? it's fine though. anyway, can't wait for my life to begin, and start working on my dream, which is slowly but surely coming true now. thank you universe
feeling: ambitious

21st sep 2021 - okay after a day, i now have 3 new pages, emoticons, pets, and design your avatar
feeling: acomplished

20th sep 2021 - haven't logged in a while, like 4 months actually... life update rq: turned 16, those packages came, where i am i'm in covid lockdown and so like kinda going slowly insane but neocities got my back. anyways so yea im back now! updating/updated this site a lottt today, so instead of when you click a link like "about me" and it taking you to a completly different page, i'm just making links like that iframes so you it'll it easier to update the rest of the front page like my little certificates, gifs and stuff of that nature...hope that made sense lol
feeling: pretty good !!

9th may 2021 - hay logs, nothing much going on right now but wanted to check in! packages still havent come boo
feeling: okay

6th may 2021 - ._. moment rn... my packages just DO NOT WANNA COME!!! been like a week late im over ittttt
feeling: ):

feeling: xcx'd up ! in < 3

23rd apr 2021 - went to the crystal shop today, i got like 6 new crystals + a bunch of little ones in a cute bag and some incense. vry happy with my purchases today :]
feeling: amazing bank account: crippling

15th apr 2021 - o yea that book came btw, it's sick. anyways just majorly updated my sites info nd updated the music and 3d section. i also started up my instagram again, and gained a lot of new people !
feeling: good !

7th apr 2021 - hey! just checking back in here. a little books coming rlly soon in the mail from amazon that i'm abt to manifest the fuck out of my life in !!!!
feeling: exited

21st march 2021 - rainfalls been CRAZY where i am. school was cancelled cuz of how much flooding it's caused, but don't worry, because i'm a magical, vip crystalline rabbit, i wasn't harmed! also ........ WE HIT 10K VIEWS!!! thanks so much! really modivates me :)
feeling: vry happy < 3

14th march 2021 - hey again, 3+ hours update. thinking about the universe and time itself ... i feel so sad about everything and getting older and leaving this earth and just the universe and it's craziness. it's fine tho, my minds just looping
feeling: ???

14th march 2021 - nearly at 10k views!! thanks < 3
feeling: good

4th march 2021 - what the fkg fk?? my schools now officially a "no phone zone" I THINK IM GONNA JUST HAVE TO END IT ALL!!!
feeling: deathly pissed

27th feb 2021 - listening to the wlfgrl album by machine girl. havent actually listened to this as a whole is a rlly long time
feeling: like a hardcore rave god

24th feb 2021 - rendering this bitch of an animation for ages and realised i forgot to put a frame pooint for when the animation stops so it was just going for all these extra frames that never needed to exist. thought i'd pop in while attempting this again lol. anyways hope everyone's ok
feeling: slightly murderous

21st feb 2021 - just woke up, been having the weirdest dreams like i can't even write them cuz there's just so much little parts to them plsssssss
feeling: hungry

19th feb 2021 - hey logzz... just went to the beach and lets just say, there was sure a lot of hotties lol !!!
feeling: hot in here?

17th feb 2021 - happy late valentines day ! in the past month i've been collecting crystals, started an instagram account for pure xspiritualism shitpost hotness, making vocaloid music *crying emoji* and rumbling with some stupid little rock freak who thinks it's cool to hate on every minority. anyways apart from that, i've been totally good. hope you're all doing good too :) pretty close to 10k views tooooo
feeling: mostly happy

29th jan 2021 - hey again. it's been about an hour or two, i've finally finished the clubhouse page !!! it's completed with "crystocurrency" chips, a shop with virtual food and some basic games
feeling: complete

29th jan 2021 - hey logs. sorry i've been wayyy waywaywayway absent since i last posted. i actually am really sick and just got covid tested. have nothing better to do so i thought i'd start working on this site again. can't beleive i forgot all about it. falling in love with it again, gonna try and add a bunch of new pages today :)
feeling: sick & bored

6th jan 2021 - hey logs, didn't end up doing anything on the website when i got home, but woke up today with around 3,500 views!!! that's about 1,500 more then when i last checked. tysm! gonna do some more pages today, already did one when i woke up too
feeling: happy

5th jan 2021 - going to the shops with my friends today. also remixing a song for this guys remix album. completed a lot of pages yesterday, when i get back i'll try and do more cuz there's still so much that needs to be done.
feeling: like shopping .

4th jan 2021 - happy new year kinda ! just made this page so it'll be pretty empty until i write some stuff in it, but hey log page, welcome to existence.
feeling: uncomplete cuz there's so many more pages to go lol