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design your avatar

this is a revival of an imvu sign-up, customise avatar page i found on internet archive. it still works!!! so go wild, create the cutest retro imvu 3d avatar !!


1. check the boxes and click the arrows to customise your 2007 imvu avatar

2. once you're happy with your avatar, you can right click and save it to your computer

3. you can display your avatar on your own site, using this code:

example of code:

things you need to know first

**you can edit the code to display your avatar how you want it displayed, just make sure to keep me linked so other people can experience it :]

**know that i do not own this software or have anything to do with imvu, i think this is just simply a cute nd fun idea

**it may be a bit buggy, just hit the refresh button if something stops working. try waiting it out a bit first, it can be slow