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about me

i'm crystalline rabbit, welcome to the crystalline club ! if you do some digging you can probably find my real name somewhere. if you do ... you know nothing! i'll probably reveal my identity in the future but for now i'm just some 16 year old who discovered neocities a week ago (as of 4th jan, 2021) k??

i do music, i guess thats pretty much what people know me for, online publicly. you can check some out if you click here. i guess i have a decent size audience but i'd really like to grow it this year. this website won't show any music that i'll ever release under my real name, so you'll probably just see unreleased instrumentals i've made for things like my sub artist, p****l s****e.

i also do a bit of 3d stuff. i started that when i wanted 3d cover art music releases. a lot of things you'll see in that page will just be random shit i testing out in blender and scrapped cover art. click here to see some 3d shit i've done.

how to contact me

you can either talk to me on twitter here (i'd really apreciate it if you follow me too !!), or email me



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