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about me

i'm kitty tennis, welcome to the crystalline club ! you can also call me just riley if u want. my instagram, @kittytennis is where i post all my 3d art. i love to make 2000s retro, ps2 kinda style 3d art, but i still always test out with other stylez !! i also used to use that same account for documenting my cyber adventures thru cool free steam and web games, under the name "pixel extract". i'll link the pixel extract/kitty tennis page here. you can probably find my real identity somewhere if you don't already know, but for now i'm just a 16 yr old on the internet

i do music, i guess thats pretty much what people know me for, online publicly. you can check some out if you click here. i guess i have a decent size audience but i'd really like to grow way further this year and next year. this website will only feature music that i make under akashikat, and portal sprite though, my two sub artists. i may put up the music i make under my own name when my album comes out :}

i started doing 3d art 4 album covers i wanted to make, but now it's grown into a whole notha hobby. click here to see some 3d stuff i've made !

how to contact me

you can either talk to me on ig dms at "instagram.com/kittytennis", or email me